Mr. DONG Chengtian

Mr. DONG Chengtian (ӥ(tian)), aged 50, is our Executive Director and Deputy General Manager.With over 20 years of experience in the cement industry, Mr. Dong is primarily responsible for our Group's strategic planning in Liaoning Province. Mr. Dong joined Shandong Cement Plant in 1982. He joined our Group in 1997 and was appointed the head of research and development department of one of our subsidiaries, Shandong Cement Factory. In 1996, Mr. Dong was appointed the Chief Engineer and Deputy Plant Manager of Shandong Cement Factory. He has been the Deputy General Manager of Shandong Shanshui since 2001. Prior to September 2007 when he was assigned to be responsible for our Group's strategic planning in Liaoning Province, Mr. Dong was mainly responsible for production management of our Group. Mr. Dong has also held the honourary title of the Deputy Head of the Jinan Building Materials Bureau from March 2000 to August 2004. Mr. Dong graduated from Shanghai Tongji University in January 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in Cement Technologies.