Mr. LI Yanmin

Mr. LI Yanmin (), aged 59, is our Executive Director, Deputy General Manager and one of the
founders of our Group. Mr. Li joined Shandong Cement Plant in 1980 and was appointed the deputy head in
1987. With over 25 years of experience in the cement industry, Mr. Li is primarily responsible for assisting
Mr. Zhang Caikui in the overall strategic planning and management of our Group. He has been the Deputy
General Manager of Shandong Shanshui since August 2001. Over the years, Mr. Li has held a number of
honourary titles, including the Deputy Head of the Jinan Building Materials Bureau from November 1997 to
August 2004 and was named as a National Outstanding Entrepreneur in the Construction Materials Industry.Mr. Li graduated from Binzhou Teachers Training College in 1980.