Mr. ZHANG Caikui

Mr. ZHANG Caikui (i~), aged 57, is our Chairman, Executive Director, General Manager andfounder of our Group. Mr. Zhang was appointed the head of Shandong Cement Plant (the predecessor ofShandong Cement Factory) in 1986. With over 35 years of experience in the cement industry, Mr. Zhang is primarily responsible for the overall strategic planning and management of our Group. He has been the executive director and General Manager of Shandong Shanshui since its establishment in August 2001. Ove rthe years, Mr. Zhang has held a number of honourary titles, including the Head of the Jinan MunicipalBureau (Association) of Building Materials (the ""Jinan Building Materials Bureau'') from November 1995to August 2004; the Vice President of the Chinese Cement Association since October 2002 and the Routine Director of the Chinese Entrepreneur Association since September 2003. He graduated from the University of Nankai with a Master's degree in Business Administration in December 2005 and is also the Jinan deputy ofthe Tenth National People's Congress.