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Brief introduction of
Shandong Shanshui Cement Group Ltd.(SUNNSY)

SUNNSY   is   a   large   group  engaged   in
the  manufacturing  of  construction  materials.
She   is    listed    among    the   12    Cement  Industries    being    supported    by   Chinese
Central    Government.

SUNNSY    has    one   national   technology
R&D    center ,  who    has    matured    own
technology   in  designing   clinker  production
lines    with    capacity   of   5,000  mts   daily
and   related   grinding    lines.

SUNNSY     has   28    subsidiaries,  located   in   Shandong,  Hehei,   Tianjin  and  Liaoning

Provinces,   the   main   prouducts   are   cement,   cement   products,   cement   machineries,  P.P. woven
bag,   new  style   wall - buliding  materials,  etc.

Cement    manufacturing  is  the   main   industry  of  SUNNSY   and   the  capacity   is  50   million   tons
per   year.

Developing   overseas  market   is   the   long   term   strategy   in  SUNNSY,   our   products   has  been
sold    to   about   30   countries   in   Asia,   Europe,   America,   Middle - east,  Africa,   etc.  We    are
ready   and   pleased  to   copperate  with  customers   from  all  over  the  world.

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